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Episode it's an awesome game available in both mobile platforms iOS and Android. Plenty of teens are highly addicted to this game and we don't blame them since it is really hard to resist playing this game. The ability to create storylines in this app it's what it makes it unique considering it with other apps. There are different episode genres you can base your stories in as comedy, drama, mystery and romance. If you want to create a great story, you are able now all thanks to developers of the greatest app ever called Episode.

    Featured Stories:
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Falling For The Dolan Twins
  • Demi Lovato: Path To Fame
  • Mean Girls: Senior Year
Select your favorite story and be the main character in it, while you are the main character you will be able to choose what do you want to happen in your story. Literally you can find there every big story and be part of that story. However this isn't all about this game, another feature is that you are capable to join the community to create your own stories and publish them out so other player can read them same as you do while reading stories. You might not succeed the first few times, but don't give up, you never know maybe one of your created stories will make it to the hall of fame and will gather lots of fans for you, that's all you need in order to be famous in this app.

Episode Hack Generator

The Episode Hack tool it's built only to produce gems and passes for players like us, even tho you will get few gems and passes daily as a giveaway from game, but definitely that ain't a lot. Another feature that Episode has is that you will be able to complete quest in order to earn rewards as in-game currencies. Based on your level, the difficulties of quest change from one to the other. The title of the game Episode Choose Your Story literally tells you everything about this game since you are the one who controls this game by choosing the stories you like and unlock them, or creating the ones you think that will be popular in this community. Stories in Episode ain't all about writing, if you look close to the stories there, you will feel like you're in a theater since the features of choosing the main character to be a male or female it's one of the few features, considering you can even modify their appearance as hair, face and body definitely makes the story more realistic and enjoyable. That's where Episode Hack come in use, because not all have that much resources to spend in stories either to unlock new ones or to create new ones, but don't worry about that since we thought about it and we decided to create this tool called Episode Cheats. Within the new update the app itself has made it possible for you to connect your social network accounts either it's Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so you will be in touch quicker when you get notifications from your game stories. As you know or you don't at all, you have to be at least 13 years old in order to publish a story into Episode Community and that's not all since there are few rules to follow as you should write 3 or 4 parts of your stories and each other should have more than 600 lines of content for every episode you write. After you follow all the rules and your story it's ready to be published that's only the beginning since you have to work in order to grow your audience. To grow your audience you have to share it first in all your social networks and ask nicely your close friends to share it in their social networks too, if your story it's catchy and highly rated, i am sure that you will conquer there and reach a high amount of people with your story.


As you know each story has multiple or not saying lots of episode, the first few episode might be for free but when the story it's about to get better and you have to watch more episode that's the time when you get stuck since you don't have anymore passes to unlock next episodes even tho i suggest you to search about the story you want to unlock first as you might not like the content afterwards.. Going through that i guarantee you that is not fun at all, because waiting till next morning to get passes as reward from game might be long time to wait, but there is no problem at all, because now we have Episode Hack and we can use this tool whenever we want.


Some say Gems are not important as Episode Passes, while others say they are, we came in ending that both currencies are important, the difference is the way we approach the game. While with Episode Passes you can unlock episodes of any story you are following, with Gems you can buy different items for your character as clothes and accessories. So if your character is dressed good and have really nice accessories i reckon that people will be affected from that and will pay a visit to your story, including me. Days before publishing Episode Cheats online, we as a team thought to try this tool in our accounts first to check if it's working, so we started generating resources as passes and gems, clearly i can say that i was more happy about the gems i received than about passes.

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